We recognize that certain shareholders have made it a tradition to attend our Annual Meeting, sometimes traveling great distances and incurring expense to do so. We want to ensure that such shareholders fully understand that because of the pandemic, the Annual Meeting this year will be very different from in years past and urge them to fully consider this before attending in person.

Measures that we intend to follow at this year’s Annual Meeting are expected to include:

  • Conducting health screenings for persons seeking entry to the meeting;
  • Enforcing optimal social distancing guidelines for all attendees, which may include seating people in other rooms with video and audio streams;
  • Requiring all attendees to wear appropriate facial coverings while in our facilities;
  • Refraining from any facility tours;
  • Providing no food or beverage service;
  • Providing no shareholder gifts or materials other than ballots and rules of procedure; and
  • Streamlining the meeting itself to ensure that it is conducted as safely as possible.